State tourism will invest 124 million pesos in the promotion of Sinaloa


The State Secretary of Tourism assured that so far insecurity has not affected the arrival of tourists.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat has a budget of 124 million pesos for the promotion of Sinaloa in the national and international market in 2022.

Prior to a meeting with Coparmex Mazatlán partners, the head of the Sectur, Rosario Torres Noriega, stated that so far 30% of the resource has been applied and part of it is applied in the international market, mainly in air connectivity.

“Governor Rubén Rocha Moya has placed great emphasis on the transparency of the public resource, but also that it be applied according to what the law says, which in this case is for promotion,” he said.

Torres Noriega commented that as established by law, use is made of the percentages allowed on the Lodging Tax and that transparency will be through the advisory council that will soon be installed.

He argued that this promotion is done in favor of the 18 municipalities, magical towns, manors, rural areas and everything that has to do with tourism in Sinaloa.

Rosario Torres Noriega, Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa. 


The Secretary of Tourism clarified that the issue of security has not affected Sinaloa, but on the contrary, they are working on preventive actions to avoid losing what they have earned.

“The facts of insecurity and the travel alert recently issued by the United States, due to the issue of Covid and insecurity, until now we have not had an impact as such, but we are working on lines of action on the issue of security, with promotion is how we seek to counteract travel alerts, we must not lower our guard on the issue of security, but we must also emphasize health,” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post