Endangered! Mazatlan restaurateur promotes conservation of donkeys with a reserve


Roberto Osuna Valdez, expressed that currently, he has made 19 animals, with which he intends to contribute his grain of sand for the conservation of the species.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The donkey is an animal that for years has been considered as part of the Mexican culture, although its descent comes from Africa in times Before Christ, however, currently the population of these animals has decreased little more than 300 thousand copies, of millions that existed only in Mexico, which would mark an alert for its extinction.

For this reason, Roberto Osuna Valdez, a restaurant owner from Mazatlan, worried about the situation, but also to create attractiveness for his country restaurant, began a donkey conservation project, with a population of 19 specimens, of which five females are already pregnant, which would increase their population.

“I had to live my childhood in La Noria and seeing a donkey was like seeing a dog, you left your house and the donkeys passed by, they ate the plants from the pots and everything else, when I did this project again, I I realized that there were no more donkeys, I started to ask and no, well they ran out of this, they ran out of the other, so I said, well, I’m going to start getting and I saw a burrito in a stream, careless, I I was looking to see who the owner was and I would buy it, that’s how I started”.

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The Mazatlan businessman commented that when he started his restaurant located on the road that leads to El Habal, he realized that the population of donkeys had decreased, and little by little he has been acquiring those that are in a situation of abandonment, to rescue them and integrate them. to the reserve, which in a short time hopes to increase to fifty animals or more, to contribute a grain of sand to the conservation of the species.

He specified that the animals are given good treatment, especially that they want to take care of the attractiveness that they generate with the children who come to their restaurant, where they are given, apart from, an education about donkeys to encourage their care and respect. .

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