They promote the program “Dare to live Tourism in Sinaloa”, from Ahome


They bet on showing the wealth of each municipality and that people know them to enjoy it.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The program “Dare to live Tourism in Sinaloa” , now highlighted Ahome, not only as the area and agricultural production, but also its natural benefits that are an offer to know and enjoy in the north of the state , José Alfonso Reséndiz Memije pointed out.

The general director of Promotur pointed out that they focused so that the tourist activity develops with a social sense and that it benefits the greatest number of people who are part of the productive chain .

“Through the program “Dare to live tourism in Sinaloa” the tourist products that exist in each municipality are highlighted and we have compiled in images and video every detail to the most valuable that includes the most valuable that is a people, On this visit we toured the Sinaloa park where the Benjamín Franklin Botanical Garden is located , which is part of the history and origin of the city and the sugar mill”.

Dare to live tourism in Sinaloa', invites Promotur Sinaloa from Ahome

He indicated that there is also a good tour of the city, which includes the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which stands out from the rest of the buildings for the beauty of the stained glass windows. Another site that is part of the history of Los Mochis, the municipal seat of Ahome, is the monument of La Locomotora, a symbol of the economic development of the region.

In addition to a walk through the Cerro de la Memoria, it is also synonymous with rich culture and history, to the point that it has become one of the most attractive sites in the region.

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