It is untrue that you need to spend massive money on a new cannabis smoking device. You will find plenty of affordable options that last just as long and are equally fantastic to use.

For instance, you can buy some of the best bongs under 100 from reputable online retailers with years of experience in the industry. Many also provide custom options that incorporate unique designs, shapes, colors, and other features that make the piece one-of-a-kind.

So, those yet to buy a bong can refer to the following information about why getting bongs for $100 or less can be beneficial.


You can buy a glass mini twist bong for less than $50 from a reputable dealer, making the purchase easy on your wallet. The money you save on the deal can fetch you some high-quality cannabis to smoke. You can also choose to buy cheaper ones made of plastic or silicone, saving even more money in the process.

However, remember that glass is among the best and most robust materials to invest in, even if it costs a few extra dollars. You will enjoy cleaner, smoother, and odorless hits and it is also easier to clean and reuse glass pipes.


People who use medical cannabis daily need widgets they can carry around easily in their backpacks or handbags without fear of them breaking from the transit. Medium or small-sized pipes are excellent options for such users, as they can be quickly moved from one spot to another without suffering breakage or other harm.

Dab rigs and bongs are other alternatives, as they ensure the same functionality as large devices meant for stationary use. They have the same components as other products, including the bowl, downstem, carb, tube, etc., ensuring users the essential comfort and convenience of smoking at their preferred time.

Excellent Features

Newbies may not know that they can purchase excellent and robust devices equipped with percolators for less than a hundred dollars. This feature matters because it helps cool down the smoke before users can inhale it, preventing their mouths, throats, and airways from getting singed.

Users can also invest in scientific variants with additional exciting features such as ice catchers and extra percolators, enhancing the entire smoking experience. Colorful dab rigs and other models have an unmatched visual appeal, seeming like spectacular artworks besides being functional.

Reputable Online Suppliers

Amateur and pro users can buy the best bongs under 100 online from reliable and trustworthy dealers. These professionals have immense choices in their product catalog, featuring various styles, designs, colors, and materials, besides providing smoking accessories and essentials as well. Also, renowned sellers offer free to low-cost shipping, quick returns, easy exchanges, and unbeatable discounts.

Moreover, some online suppliers customize the widgets to incorporate unique features and aspects as requested by their customers, making the price a one-of-a-kind possession. You can also buy existing products from their list that already have spectacular designs, such as the cobra dab rig or the zombie beaker.

Invariably, buying these essential smoking products online is the safest bet to getting the best bang for your buck.

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