Fines up to 30 daily penalties for invading the bicycle path of Mazatlán’s Golden Zone


The deputy commander, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Ilustre, reported that there is a bike lane integration project for the Avenida Ejército Mexicano, an exclusive lane for circulation.

MAZATLAN. – Between 20 and 30 penalties a day, is what the Municipal Transit sub directorate raises for drivers of vehicles that circulate on the bike path, specifically, the Golden Zone, as expressed by Deputy Commander Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious.  

And it is that, since its construction, between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, vehicles have used the bike lane as an escape route due to the long lines that are generated at “peak” hours, in the morning, noon and in the afternoon. .

“We are sanctioning parents who do not respect when we go to schools, we take the racers that we find on the bike path to the boarding house. If they take it away with a crane with 600 pesos and 600 of the fine and they have to prove that they are the owners so that they can deliver it to them, ”he declared.  

Illustrious Alvarado pointed out that vehicular accidents with cyclists have decreased due to their use, unlike motorcyclists, that is, of every 10 motorcycle accidents, 1 or 2 are cyclists or a bicycle is intervened.  

Even, he said, as Mazatlan is growing and is heading towards a sustainable city, a project is being carried out that includes an exclusive lane for cyclists on one of the busiest avenues, the Mexican Army.  

“About 20 days ago we met with the secretary of the City Council and there is a project at the door, for the Ejército Mexicano avenue. Let us remember that the Mexican Army is one of the busiest avenues, we realize it at rush hour and we have elements there, ”he added. 


The Mazatlan Post