How beautiful it is! With these images the Magical Town of El Fuerte becomes international


This municipality participates in the competition for the international seal “Best Tourist Towns”

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- The Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa assists El Fuerte in the collection of image capture for the edition of the video with which it will participate in the international competition for the Best Tourist Towns Seal granted by the World Tourism Organization. 

With this competition, the aim is for the Magical Town of El Fuerte to achieve world certification and, for this, it will expose its main tourist attractions that are full of beauty, history and culture.

In this contest, the municipality will be competing against Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Chile, Panama and the Dominican Republic, among others.

And, given the enormous possibilities that El Fuerte has, José Francisco Ortega Ontiveros, head of the Tourism Diversification department, and Roberto Gámez, head of Tourism Development in the northern area, took a tour with the production team to take pictures and videos of the tourist sites and the most representative gastronomy of the region.

For his part, Miguel Ángel León Chávez, Director of Tourism of El Fuerte, reiterated the commitment to work as a team with Sectur Sinaloa to obtain the UNWTO distinction, which would represent more international promotion, a greater presence of tourists and more development and welfare for the inhabitants.

“We want to win this seal so that a lot of tourism comes and the indigenous communities, the fishermen and everyone benefit, because tourism is a chain, the merchant, the fisherman, the rancher, the artisan, the grain producers benefit,” said León. Chavez. 

Why is this contest important? Because the certificate would promote the Magical Town of El Fuerte at an international level. The Best Tourism Villages Seal is awarded by the World Tourism Organization with the intention of turning tourism into an engine for rural development and well-being.


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