La Noria will be the starting point of the mezcal route, What benefits will the mezcal route bring?


The director of Mezcal Gastronomic Experiences, Cándido Rodríguez López, pointed out that tourism is going to detonate in the area and will give a turn to all of southern Sinaloa.

MAZATLAN. – La Noria could be the starting point for the mezcal route that will detonate in the south of Sinaloa, especially in the rural area, from San Ignacio to El Rosario, passing through Mazatlán and Concordia.

This, after the denomination of origin that was given to these 4 municipalities, therefore, there is the intention to generate a route with tourist products where agriculture benefits, at least that is how Cándido Rodríguez López, director of Gastronomic Experiences, expressed it. .

He mentioned that after an approach with the Secretariats of Tourism and Economy, it was assigned that Mazatlan start with the mezcal route, where there is progress in the community of La Noria and it would be used to introduce gastronomy, dishes and drinks. that include the distillate as an ingredient.

“There are many families that have preserved that culture and that tradition and that information, and it is the most immediate to do it quickly, then you will not have any complications with the town, or with infrastructure and you will take advantage of it,” he declared.

Gradually, they would be working in other regions to exploit the tourist and gastronomic offer, taking advantage of the fact that they already have infrastructure, and that, based on their doubts, they give advice so that they do not see the investment partially, but rather comprehensively.

What does it mean?

That they look for an alternative for the exploitation of crops such as tourist passages or restaurants, in which the plant begins to bear pineapples.

Rodríguez López pointed out that there are families that maintain the tradition through small vinatas, but with production for local consumption, however, with the rise of the drink, the growth curve will be taken advantage of by producers who are ahead in its manufacture.

The mezcalero promoter said that although a product that could be exploited with mezcal is drinks, as was popularized with the small jars in Tequila, Jalisco, other things can also be done based on the gastronomic richness that Sinaloa has, with its seafood. and its meats, proof of this, is that many restaurants already have in their drink menus, some prepared with mezcal.

“The interest is doubling, consumption at the international level, it would not be possible to cover the demand with all the mezcal that is available at the international level, we have the example of tequila, that more and more tequila is exported to the world and there is no limit , above all, in the United States it is consumed a lot,” he said.

He added that one of the plans brought by the Ministry of Tourism is to seek that the La Noria region be considered within the “Sembrando Vida” program for planting agave for everything that is the road to the community, which, in addition, gives an attractive landscape for visitors.

What benefits will the mezcal route bring?

It was in mid-October 2021 when Sinaloa received the authorization of the Mezcal Denomination of Origin for Mazatlán, Rosario, Concordia, and San Ignacio.

The head of the Sinaloa Ministry of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, highlighted the project in which “La Ruta del Mezcal” is being worked on as a safe source that will generate jobs in the southern zone of Sinaloa. 

He reported that the Secretariat is working on some legal steps regarding the appellation of origin for mezcal (which Sinaloa already has). It is only a matter of a few procedures so that everything is finally ready and start producing and marketing. 

“It is work for those who are in the agave fields, it is work for the future factories, to produce the distillate that they are going to make here, in the end all of this is job creation and that is precisely what we dedicate ourselves to at the Ministry of Economy” .  

Gaxiola Coppel indicated that in a few months the entity will already be able to market mezcal distillate produced in Mazatlán, Rosario, Concordia, and San Ignacio. 

He explained that there are already several companies interested in producing mezcal and that they are even working on creating the brand to start promoting it throughout Mexico and the world.  

“You will see local and international investors; generally what they ask for is the liquid, they generate the brand, they put a celebrity and they invest in it to generate a brand”.   

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