“We need people selling Mazatlan and Sinaloa,” says Gaxiola Coppel


The state Secretary of Economy assures that work is already being done on the creation of an Office of Congresses and Visitors (OCV)

MAZATLAN. – Urgent! Javier Gaxiola Coppel, Secretary of Economy of Sinaloa, reported that the state brings a process of dynamism where there is not only disposition but also facilities for entrepreneurs and investors, thanks to the growth and development that it has had in recent years.  

Therefore, it is extremely important and urgent that Mazatlan have a Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) to continue promoting tourism and business growth.  

He said that he is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Tourism to find a way for this topic (OCV) to be ready.  

“Yes, it is very important, and we are working as a team with the governor and that will soon be over. It is well, well, important, we need people selling to Mazatlan and selling to Sinaloa everywhere at fairs and around the world.” 

What is the OCV?  

Let us remember that the Office of Congresses and Visitors is a non-profit organization developed within the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM), whose main function is to plan and carry out actions to promote the destinations of our country as ideal places for the realization of events such as congresses, conventions, fairs and exhibitions. 

What is your function?  

Some actions they carry out are the definition of the target market, promotion, attraction and closure of events, organization of ‘fam trips’ or familiarization trips, coordination of tourist activities in the locality, they act as a link with government agencies, as well as advisors of the destination for the event organizer. 

The way in which they obtain resources is through a percentage of the hosting of the state in question. For example, in Sinaloa, this tax is 3 percent, and currently, the Ministry of Tourism uses it to invest in advertising the destinations of the state.

Source: punto.mx

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