4 Mazatlan police officers denounced for receiving 5 thousand peso mordida


The procedure was opened for both the 4 elements, as well as the driver for the crime of bribery, informed the secretary of the City Council, Edgar González

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Complaints against police elements continue, this time it was against four elements who took 5 thousand pesos not to arrest an offender on May 15, Teacher’s Day.

The secretary of the City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, said that on social networks a person denounced that police elements had taken money from him last Teacher’s Day and they proceeded to investigate.

“ The four policemen were summoned before the Internal Organ, here the meeting was in the Cabildo and the person who accused them, the confrontation was made and obviously there is recognition of both parties, both the one who gave money and the one who received and they went to a procedure the four elements of public security. There are many elements, the truth is that there are more and more and the procedures have to be faster and that they try to apply in that sense because inertia is winning over them, ”he indicated.

The secretary of the town hall said that they are seeking to bring order within the police force and so far two elements have been suspended and others are in the process of being notified.

He added that the suspension ranges from a few days to 3 months or 30 business days, it all depends on the sanction, and with the background that if that element reoffends, in the next case it is automatically discharged.

When speaking of the four police elements, González Zatarain confirmed that they are both preventive and transit.

“The person came in a drunken state and there was a big bite of 5 thousand pesos and obviously later when the drunkenness passed, he complained and said that what he gave was a lot of money and he made it public and it caught our attention, we We looked for the person, we contacted them, they effectively-recognized that they had given them money, that this is also a crime (bribery) on both sides, that is where the two get entangled, ”explained the municipal official.

He warned that any bribe or bribe given to a traffic or police element is also a crime, but many people do not report it, because they prefer to give a “mordida” so as not to be arrested or infracted.

The resolution of the case of the two traffic agents who let go of a motorist who walked along the boardwalk and the bike path, from Valentinos to Insurgentes Avenue, is about to come out.

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