Best Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022


Today, it has become quite a trend for all of us to try our luck in Cryptocurrencies. From those who know little about it to the ones who are quite experts, Cryptos are the subject of interest in every circle. Developed by Blockchain technology, cryptos offer peer-to-peer network services, which eventually make the transactions more secure and transparent. The decentralized system is evolving all the time, and new trends are rising every minute. When the practices are quite the same to follow in almost every crypto, the market changes each year, and knowing the top-charting ones is an essential task for frequent investors. 


As Bitcoin hit an all-time high this year of 438,00 USD, it is high time to invest in this crypto. Many may consider its falling rate to be a red flag, but the promises are still high, according to coindesk. The factor that the coin-burning is still in effect, Bitcoin, this year, is a good opportunity for both short-term and long-term investments. 


After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the highest-ranking crypto in the market. The industry is growing with both of its programs, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum 2.0, and the latter has already crossed the market cap of 11 million USD before even launching. Even after facing a blow for the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the price was hiked by 34% in 2 weeks this April. 

Binance Coin 

This one was not quite a good opportunity before 2021, but then it surged from 38 USD to 683 USD from January to May. To the predictions of CoinMarketCap, Binance is a great opportunity for investors this year as the market is quite bullish right at this moment. The system offers a high range of applications, and the message features are also added here.


The best characteristic of Cardano is indeed its environment-friendly approach. The network consumes less energy and uses PoS consensus, which means it does not take much to join the network. Unlike Bitcoin, Cardano is a more secure option for those who want the system to work for a long time. The hard fork of this system allows its users to upgrade to customizable functionality and uses more security to mitigate hacking. 


When the scalability issues started to slow down the main Ethereum chain, they introduced us to a more multifunctional network, Polygon(Matic). It is considered a layer two solution of Ethereum according to CoinMarketCap and has better speed when it comes to transactions and verification processes. When the network is lined with applications, MATIC, its coin system, allows the users to make transactions and exchanges. 


It can be considered a completely new crypto chain with unique algorithms. FileCoin allows its users to participate in a distributed data chain where the storage system is very scalable. While there is no coin mining limit, FileCoin faces less volatility. The protocol here, Interplanetary File System, makes the system both secure and omits insensitive participation with its best efforts. 


Not only is Solana user-friendly, but it is highly eco-friendly as well. Developed by both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-History consensus, Solana offers lower transaction fees for its users. All that is known so far, its price also hiked by 50% in two weeks as big investors are eager to invest in it for it shows longevity more than many other cryptos.


One of the most popular these days, Ripple, has surpassed many records in the crypto universe. When it had a worth of 0.2374 USD in January 2021, it reached 0.7384 USD within a year. But the feature which stands out most is Ripple offers very low transaction costs.


If you are looking for a secure, environment-friendly, and scalable system, Binance-developed Avalanche is best for you. When others depend on nodes to validate a transaction, Avalanche has three individual blockchains which work on this task independently. Not this only, Avalanche has a record of making 6,500 transactions per second which is an all-time best. 


Like a lighter version of Bitcoin, LiteCoin offers more scalability, and there is no limit for coin generation. It almost doubled its price within a year and was predicted to offer a 70% return. 

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