Video: Mazatlan Police goes viral and today he is the most wanted in Mexico. What did he do?


“I will find you bandit” is heard shouting in front of the police element that is arousing furor among TikTok users nationwide

What a rage that a police element from the port of Mazatlan has aroused that in the last few hours has reached great virality in one of the spoiled social networks of recent times: TikTok

And it is that with a clear message, which is not only given in text but also with the popular song “Bandido” by Ana Barbara, a tourist captured the young man in uniform and caught his attention so much that now he dedicates the melody to the “handsome” who found for your safety at the port.

The dedication of the video says: “For the officer that I found in Mazatlan” and adds the emoticon of loving eyes and fingers that indicate “excellent”, while in the background you look at the tall young man, with tattoos on his arms, hair perfectly well cut and with a lot of poise, which make many comments that “like few.”

But there is more since the user who published the video later says “Arrest me, Mr. Justice”, in this video that was captured during Motorcycle Week 2022, but that in recent days has gone viral with more than 80 thousand reactions and 774 shared. 

Another user exclaimed: “Those are policemen, not the ones in my town”, referring to the poise, elegance, and “handsomeness” of the uniformed man of whom no further details are known so far, only that he was in one of the most emblematic points of Mazatlan, the boardwalk. 

“They always yell at you to arrest me”, “the attraction of Motorcycle Week”; “All in Mazatlan to commit crimes”, “right now I am going to Mazatlan to commit a crime, Mr. Justice”, is read among the hundreds of messages with which the publication is accompanied. 

How about the handsome Mazatlan policeman, is there such a thing in your city ? occasion becomes “bandit”, stealing breaths.

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