Top environmentalists will meet in Mazatlan to talk about coastal management problems


It will be next May 28, at the Art Museum, for the third anniversary of the Son Playas portal, which specialized in environmental issues

MAZATLAN. – In one place and as we have rarely seen, the top environmentalists will meet in the port to talk about coastal management, problems, but also solutions.

Where? At the Art Museum on May 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This event is organized by Son Playas, a media outlet specializing in the environment, which is celebrating its third anniversary and managed to bring them all together.  

There will be three free and open activities for those who want to go and they will consist of a panel of specialists on coastal management, a cultural program, and an exhibition of approximately 30 citizen organizations and institutions that address environmental issues through education, conservation, and research.  

All the activities will be carried out that same Saturday, May 28, and the exhibition, will be from 9:00 am, the First Exhibition of Environmental Projects of groups, civil organizations and educational institutions will be shown.  

The goal is for the community to learn about the efforts made by citizen organizations and research institutions in favor of the natural environment. It is also intended that this space be a conduit for the community to find options for community participation.  

They all deal with issues related to beach care, ocean research, mangrove restoration, basins, bird watching, recycling and environmental education, as well as the conservation of the flora and fauna of the low deciduous forest.  

The panel 

At the same time, from 9:30 a.m., the panel “Coastal management from the local: challenges and scope” will be held in the museum’s audiovisual room and will be composed of Omar Cervantes, coordinator of the Red Iberoamericana ProPlayas and researcher; Esteban García-Peña, director of Fisheries Campaigns for Oceana Mexico, an international organization dedicated to ocean conservation.  

Also participating are Abril Montijo Galindo, a researcher at the Food and Development Research Center, as well as Ussiel Orlando García, general director of the Los Cabos Municipal Planning Institute.  

The cultural 

It will have the participation of the jazz band Daniel San Projet; the scenic artist, Lucía Zapien Osuna, the storyteller, Laura Medina, and the voice and guitar duet by Eunice Murúa and Gabriel Gaxiola, respectively, who will join the exhibition area in the courtyard of the Mazatlán Museum of Art.  

Raquel Zapien, founding director of Son Playas, reported that the idea of ​​organizing this event arose after detecting that there are people interested in participating in activities aimed at environmental care, but they do not know how to start doing it.  

“The idea of ​​organizing this event arose after detecting in our journalistic work that there are people interested in participating in activities aimed at environmental care but do not know how to start being or where to approach,” he said.  

This space, he pointed out, will make it possible to learn about the efforts in favor of the environment that are being carried out by the community and research institutions, including the CIAD, the Technological Institute of Mazatlán, the Faculty of Marine Sciences, of the University Autonomous of Sinaloa; the Benito Juárez García Welfare University, the Cosalá Unit and the Sinaloa Polytechnic University.  

“So we decided to bring together in one place those who want to help with those who need help,” he said. 

Among the associations and organizations that will be present will be Oceana, Conselva, Jaguar Museum, Charas Monitoras Comunitarias, Maz Conciencia, Viva la Ola, Paco’s Flora and Fauna Reserve, Mazatlán Ecological Center, Ola México, Red Iberoamericana Pro Playas, Natural Park Faro Mazatlan, among others.  


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