The Mazatlan International Airport earns a sustainability badge


It consists of a distinction that is characterized by improving its work practices aimed at favoring the environment

MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlan International Airport received the Distinctive S, what is it? It is a recognition of Sustainability Guarantee that is delivered by the Secretary of Tourism at the federal level.  

The director of Innovation and Quality, María Elena Arias Gámez, presented the award to the airport administrator, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel, and mentioned that the recognition goes to those who work to raise the quality of their services and generate confidence in travelers through good practices. to the environment.  

He affirmed that the sustainability badge is not a minor thing, it is complex and has to do with good environmental practices to have a competitive company and high-quality services. 

“I know that this sustainability badge that has to do with new environmental practices is not a minor thing, it is complex, we have to take care of ourselves as workers, take care of our company, feel part of what we are doing,” he said.  

For his part, the Administrator of the Mazatlán Airport, Víctor Vladimir Ramírez del Ángel, thanked the distinction and recognized the effort and support of the workers for implementing the best sustainable practices that made the certification possible. 

“Each one has specific functions, some perhaps more than others, and today I must recognize the work they do in this case, it helps us with the procedures and the specific follow-up and supervision to obtain this distinction,” he commented.  

He highlighted that, through an improvement program started in 2018, which is not yet complete, there are modern and safe facilities for passengers and that work has been carried out on equipment, maintenance, plumbing, electricity, energy saving, collection of waste, garbage separation, security and cleanliness. 

Among other actions to obtain the distinction, the Mazatlán Airport implemented actions to make rational use of water and avoid leaks, which has reduced the consumption of the vital liquid by 40 percent, which represents economic savings, but, Above all, the global call not to wastewater to face drought is heeded. 

Ramírez del Ángel added that solar panels were installed and lamps were replaced by equipment with lower electrical consumption and less contaminants, since heating is reduced and carbon dioxide emissions are lowered; there is also a fauna control program. 

Passengers must be sure that at the time of takeoff and landing the operating areas are safe and for this the airports have a management plan for fauna control, he said. 

“It’s not just capturing deer or wild boar, everything takes a paperwork, we have permits authorized by Profepa, to ensure that the fauna captured at the airport reaches a final site and remains safe,” he added.  

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