Critical Areas Local Businesses Should Focus On To Drive Growth Through Marketing

Photo by Amina Filkins for Pexels

99 percent of all businesses in Mexico are micro, small, and medium enterprises or MSMEs, according to Accion. While that removes the disadvantage of having to compete with big-name megacorporations, that also means that you have that many more competitors per square kilometer. In order to be able to carve out your niche in such a highly competitive environment, you need to know how to effectively market yourself, just like Mazatlan’s hotel sector did when they banked on the city’s inherent attractiveness to become Mexico’s lead destination for hotels. Here’s how you can emulate their success.

Connect With the Client Base

This is arguably one of the highest, if not the highest, priorities now that consumers are becoming more and more disillusioned with the way impersonal megacorporations define the market. With trust in such corporations diminishing, small to medium-sized local businesses are put in a unique position to take advantage, because of their proximity to the communities they serve.

Therefore, it’s imperative for a local business on track for growth to strengthen its connection with the clientele and cement itself as a pillar of the community. They can do this primarily by broadcasting stories that are relevant and relatable to their customer base, as well as to their niche. For example, a roofing company can put out news articles that inform the citizens of their locale about the different ways they can protect their roofs against the weather conditions specific to that region. And that’s another thing that local businesses can do to tighten their symbiotic relationship with the community. Helping your clientele work through problems and only charging when necessary is a fantastic way to establish your business as not only an authoritative figure but an altruistic one as well. Online video tutorials, free consultations, and information drives are all great examples of how to do that.

Leverage the Digital Space as Effectively as Possible

In today’s commercial landscape, your digital presence can make or break your business. Although things are starting to shift back towards brick-and-mortar, not taking advantage of the online aspect of business will make you miss out on a huge chunk of revenue. Having a team dedicated to digital marketing is pivotal to this. SEO and value-driven content are what define success in digital marketing, according to Neon Ambition. You can’t really deliver these things without dedicating enough manpower to it. If you’re shorthanded, it may be best to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency.

As previously discussed, having a more prominent presence in your community is vital for connecting with your clients. An approachable social media account and shareable content, particularly in video format, are downright essential for this. The right kind of skilled manpower behind your online presence will not only promote your brand but also allow it to fully take shape in the minds of your customers. 

Free Up Manpower With Automation

It sometimes seems as if a small business must be able to do the work of a company twice its size in order to achieve sustainable growth. But that need not be such an impossibility. Using automation tools, you can relegate the menial tasks to your machines and thus free up manpower for things that require a human touch. Each business will have different ways of applying this, but making use of software to automate things such as reports, forms, and email marketing are some of the more universal ones. 

Each business is going to have tiny nuances that you’re going to have to figure out for yourself when overhauling your marketing scheme. Mazatlan’s hotel businesses leveraged the city’s sun and beaches, for example. Paired with your unique value proposition, these critical marketing focus areas will be what drive your business to greater heights.

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