Bonanza time! Mazatlan, at the head as the leading Mexico destination in hotel occupancy


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After concluding the holiday period of Holy Week and Easter, Mazatlán remains a leading destination in hotel occupancy, and is marked with a good streak during the coming months until reaching the summer mark, where the hotel industry already registers reservations, even above the national average, pointed out José Gámez Valle.

The director of Marketing of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan stated that this period was more than positive, where they marked a demand of more than 90 percent of occupied rooms, where the sanitary protocols were also fulfilled due to the influx of thousands of visits.

“Mazatlán, well, let’s say it has gone to another level, we are already the leading destination in terms of occupation, after the pandemic we have remained as such, and practically the weekends that remain from here to all of April, May and June on weekends week we are practically full, and some hotels and the trend is going to be in that sense, you have to work during the week and summer is good”.

Gámez Valle, pointed out that Mazatlán maintains an acceptance as a sun and beach destination, that, although during the weekends they already have reservations for the next three months, now they seek as entrepreneurs in the hotel industry to work so that during the week tourists flow and not see activity drop.


The Mazatlan Post