El Fuerte will compete worldwide for the Best Tourism Villages award


It will compete with proposals from countries such as Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Chile, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Sinaloa. – One of the Magical Towns of our state, El Fuerte, will compete against other towns in the world in the Best Tourism Villages, organized by the World Tourism Organization.  

The competition will be in December and El Fuerte would be recognized as a town committed to a vision of tourism as a tool for positive transformation and inclusive and sustainable development. 

This will have to show its best charms to attract tourists and beat proposals from countries such as Japan, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Chile, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, among others. 

El Fuerte, Sinaloa - Pueblo Mágico: Guía Definitiva - Tips Para Tu Viaje

“It’s not easy, we have to compete internationally with many countries, but we believe we have a great chance of being able to win this award for Mexico through El Fuerte, Sinaloa,” Nazareth Sánchez, director of Outreach at the Directorate, said via zoom. General of Social Management of Destinations of the Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government.  

He said that Mexico will attend the competition with three files under his arm, one of which corresponds to the fate of Sinaloa.

“We truly believe that El Fuerte, Sinaloa, is a fantastic, unique, original place and obviously it can be recognized worldwide not only for its tourist attractions, but also for the social, environmental and cultural attractions that this region has,” he said. . 

The Best Tourism Villages seal recognizes those towns that are a notable example of a rural tourism destination with cultural and natural assets, that preserve and promote community values, products and the rural way of life, committed to sustainability to turn tourism into an engine of rural development and well-being. 

The Best Tourist Villages in the World award has, among its objectives, to reduce regional inequalities, fight against the rural exodus, and promote gender equality, and the empowerment of women and youth.  

Cae granizo en el pueblo mágico de El Fuerte, Sinaloa. Fotos

Also, promote rural transformation, improve connectivity, infrastructure, access to finance and investment; promote innovation and digitization; promote the conservation of natural and cultural resources and promote sustainable practices aimed at more efficient use of natural resources, among others. 

El Fuerte is located in the northwestern part of the state of Sinaloa; It has great natural, historical, architectural, and cultural attractions and deep-rooted indigenous traditions, such as the Yoremes. It is located within the Mar de Cortés Ecotourism Circuit – Copper Canyon. 

The greatest of its tourist attractions is its municipal seat, the colonial city of El Fuerte, founded in 1564 as the Villa de San Juan Bautista de Carapoa, by the Spanish captain Francisco de Ibarra known as “The Fenix of the Conquerors”. 

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