Mazatlan’s Aerospace Park will be ‘visible’ at the end of 2022


One of the companies that bought space in the park will manufacture the first Mexican unmanned aircraft.

MAZATLAN.- The growth of the port continues by leaps and bounds and the arrival of companies interested in being able to invest in the Aerospace Park continues at a good pace since the first phase is practically sold out, commented Elena Larsen Ayala, president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry, CANACINTRA. 

He explained that the progress of this project is in the second stage, which consists of the installation of the pipes, being at the end of the year when the infrastructure of the place will be seen.  

“Right now you take a walk, and you can already see that all the pipes are being installed, that tells us that everything that is drainage is being installed, then the gas and then everything that has to do with communications technology, fiber optics, because this is a totally modern park”, commented Larsen Ayala. 

The head of CANACINTRA in Mazatlan reported that one of the companies that have already bought its part will build the first plane entirely manufactured in Mexico, which will not require a pilot.  

He explained that said company will manufacture planes that will fumigate, put out fires, send merchandise, everything, without crew or pilot.

He added that there is no exact number of companies interested in continuing to invest, since it is handled confidentially, however, it is known that they are national and foreign.


The Mazatlan Post