Chinese stores everywhere, FECANACO explains why


In them you will find even the smallest article of cleaning, personal hygiene, accessories, makeup, and even stationery, if you enter, for one thing, you leave with up to 20 of the variety that is in it.

MAZATLAN. – Lately, we have noticed the increase in shops selling Asian items throughout Mazatlán, both in the downtown area and in the extremes, if you go in “just to see”, they come out buying masks, stationery, and even utensils for your kitchen.  

But where does this “proliferation” come from? Miguel Hernández Fonseca, president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa, explained that this is due to globalization and the trade agreements that exist between countries, and just as we see Asian businesses, in those countries, you could be finding products 100 percent Mexican or even Sinaloan.  

Las mejores tiendas asiáticas en la Ciudad de México

“We have to be experiencing the same marketing, our position for businesses that sell products from other countries must be duly established, informality is not our issue, they must pay taxes and tariffs in customs agencies,” he declared.  

Currently, he pointed out, Mexico has trade agreements with both the United States and Canada, as well as with Asian countries such as China, in Europe such as Spain, and South America with countries such as Ecuador, with which they are about to sign the agreement, however, everything between, it has to be registered with the Ministry of Finance, otherwise it is illegal.  

What do you find in these stores? 

Everything, personal items such as underwear; personal hygiene such as masks and scrubs, makeup; household items, tools, and even toys, including stationery.  

Hernández Fonseca pointed out that they are in favor of the consumption of local products, however, they are open to the generation of jobs in formal businesses and that they have adequate benefits for their workers, as well as the tax declarations that they have to make.  

“Its purpose is to attract basic Asian products, as well as to promote goods and services in Asia, it is an exchange that exists, micro, small and medium-sized companies can compete because the value of the Gross Domestic Product is not affected because it is currently diversified”, commented.  

China Homelife México – INADEM


For 3 days, China Homelife will bring together more than 25,000 Chinese buyers in one place. China Homelife not only brings together major industries but also allows visitors to see a large number of products, evaluate them and do business; You can also attend exhibitions and learn in detail about each product.

In this fourth edition of China Homelife, we ​​will have Chinese suppliers with products, presenting a lucrative opportunity for importers, traders, and buyers to obtain the best products directly from manufacturers at competitive prices.


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