Have you wondered? History of Mazatlán’s Cerro de la Cruz


Every May 3, masons celebrate the Holy Cross throughout the country, and Mazatlan has a hill where a cross of great significance is located.

MAZATLAN.- The attractions that Mazatlan has are several and impressive in addition to its beaches and sunsets, such as the boardwalk, the Lighthouse and its viewpoints that are very relevant for all visitors and locals looking to spend a pleasant moment in some corner from the city.   

When you walk along Miguel Alemán Avenue, heading to Olas Altas, or along Paseo del Centenario, you have surely seen a hill with a cross, and most likely you have wondered how that place appeared and how you can enter.  

Next, we will tell you a little about its history and everything you need to know about this place, which is known as Cerro de la Cruz, which has an important value not only for the neighbors who live there, but for all Mazatlecos.   

The history 

Legend has it that the first inhabitants of Cerro de la Cuz and old Mazatlan settled here in the early 1900s, when the military built a road to Cerro del Vigía, which bore the name of La Bateria; and this was by placing two cannons, one at the foot of the hill where the military prison called “La Bateria” was located, and another at the top of what is now “El Mirador”.   

The above was not for the defense of the city, but rather as a reminder of the defense of the port on March 31, 1864 against the French war frigate Le Cordeliere.   

When opening this access, the soldiers exposed a rock that had an embedded Wooden Cross. After this discovery, it is said that a sailor who was shipwrecked in front of the hill promised that, if he did not drown and managed to get ashore, he would place a cross on the hill, the sailor managed to get out of the sea alive and then placed the wooden cross, since then it has been known as El Cerro de la Cruz.  

Other people report that said cross was placed by the Catholic religious in honor of the Holy Cross; This is how the masons hung on to this tradition that already existed in the Catholics. The celebration was already part of the ecclesiastical calendar, in honor of Santa Elena de la Cruz, also called “Feast of the Crosses or Cruz de Mayo”.   

The festival of the Holy Cross is a celebration that takes place in Spain and Latin America; in Mexico it is documented that it began in the 16th century, since Captain Grijalba named the Island of Santa Cruz, the Island of Acuzamil or Cozumel in Quintana Roo. 

This site is a moment that was open to the public, but was closed almost 16 years ago, where the “Day of the Holy Cross” was celebrated on May 3, the Patron Saint of masons, who each year offered flowers and crosses made with flowers, the celebration also included a pilgrimage. 


More recently, a family with the surname Campos bought the property, the rock where the Cross is located remained their property, and since then it has been closed to the public, some stairs had been placed to access the Cross, but currently it is not possible to enter Authorization from the property owners is required.   

The cross for many years was made of wood, but today it is made of cement.  

En el Día de la Santa Cruz, colocan ofrenda en Cerro de Mazatlán

Cerro de la Cruz is a neighborhood adjacent to the Center of Mazatlan, it is located between Venustiano Carranza Street, Miguel Alemán Avenue, and on the way to the Observatory, next to the offices of the old Mazatlan Customs, today SAT. There is access to climb the hill and reach that place. 

Without a doubt, the Cerro de la Cruz joins the great list of important and historical tourist sites that the city has, although it cannot be visited. Every May 3, a group of no more than 30 to 40 people, together with a priest, come to celebrate mass and pray the Rosary of the Holy Cross.   

Catholic people tell, that the father of the Church of María del Mar, before the pandemic arrived, officiated mass without complications and was authorized by Don Chava Campos, owner of the place, but since the coronavirus virus arrived it has not been possible to celebrate.   

Those who have managed to climb that hill and reach the cross, assure that it has a privileged view and a calm atmosphere, although like any hill you have to be on the lookout because an oversight can be fatal at that height, if you fall to the precipice.

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