Are you an older adult and have you ever checked yourself if you have symptoms of skin cancer? There is a campaign in Mazatlan Take advantage of it!


Seek help for low-income people in both the urban and rural areas of the municipality, in order to provide timely service and attend to those who need it most.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In order to carry out the detection and surgical management of skin cancer in elderly people with limited resources, this campaign was launched this Wednesday, promoted by specialists in the field.

The mayor indicated that this initiative arose by locating older people who have presented some pictures that require a medical review but lack resources, which the senator of the Republic, Raúl Elenes Angulo, also joined and it is sought that people be diagnosed and attended in treatment by specialists in the field. 

“The important thing here is that low-income people who do not have access to a specialist should be treated, because we have people like Dr. Bravo, the truth is that his heart has been very generous with us, we knocked on Senator Raúl’s door Elenes, and we want to help to benefit the most vulnerable people”

Meanwhile, the specialist in skin cancer treatment in older adults, Salvador Bravo, pointed out that the area due to high ultraviolet rays makes it conducive for people to develop this disease, by being overexposed for many hours under sunlight, therefore, it is added to this action of helping those who suffer from evil, and the first step that they send a photograph.

“There must be elderly people who have this type of injury so that we can somehow offer them something and that in terms of rescuing the possibility of dying from skin cancer, then it is very unfortunate that someone in our family, or that we know could have an injury that does not heal, that does not improve, that is more than 3 or six months old and that we detail.

He added that later the doctor will communicate with the person to later give him a personalized treatment, this campaign will be open and will focus on vulnerable neighborhoods and rural areas, all people will be treated, but the approval will be done for everyone, for which people can send their photo to Whatsapp 6693-33-47-59, or to 6692-57-03-21 it would be to the office number.

The Mazatlan Post