The pink tide that flooded Mazatlan


*The International Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan concludes on April 23.

*Hundreds of women in bikers from various parts of the country and the United States are already in Durango, from where they will come to the so-called “Pearl of the Pacific.”

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Hundreds of women aboard their motorcycles began a journey from different parts of the country and the United States to Mazatlán, where the so-called Ola Rosa will formally premiere at the 2022 International Motorcycle Week that began today.

Nearly 300 bikers who have been joining the movement will arrive in Durango this Wednesday, and from there they will leave for Mazatlan to concentrate on the NBP for the delivery of recognition to an icon of women’s motorcycling, Barby Byker, reported Cecy Lopez, initiator of the movement. .

The organizer added that Saturday will be the biggest movement where with their two-wheeled units they hope to paint the Mazatlán boardwalk completely pink, especially in these times where women’s motorcycling is promoted.

“We will take some of the decorated motorcycles, girls from all over the republic go, we have a WhatsApp group with a waiting list to integrate because we can only have up to 256 and we also have a Facebook group where there are already more than 150. We are very happy, everything this started in a small place and it has been hard work but we are very happy”, she commented.

He even announced that for the following year with the Pink Wave he intends to break the mark and concentrate at least a thousand motorcyclists.

“We plan to work all year long and be able to go through all the states adding more girls, consolidating an environment where they feel safe, protected, and leave fear aside a little bit,” said Cecy.

She shared that women of different ages, places and activities or professions have joined; nurses, housewives, businesswomen, teachers, doctors among others.

In an interview via the internet, the young woman narrates that she has been in motorcycling for almost eight years, and as a pilot for three and a half years.

He commented that he had noticed certain distinctions between some girls, but his taste for the call and empowerment began with two friends wanting to teach them on a motorcycle so that they could go to Mazatlán and began to add other friends from different states of the Republic.

They began to unite, among all of them they began to appoint ambassadors; They helped spread the word, they began to join the wave, to contribute, to share and the impetus was so great that they began to create a network on WhatsApp and in less than three days a large number of motorcyclists joined.

“Be a motivator because there are already many critics in the world”, is the slogan that motivates more girls to contribute ideas, leave parts and colors aside, obviously putting those who carry them on high, she said.

For so many years, women who have had Motorcycle Week had never been recognized, and this time they were given the opportunity, fortunately, she said; Pablo Orozco opened the door for them and made the MBP facilities available to them so that they can use what has been a great platform.


Barbie Byker

Barby is 68 years old, she is the icon of motorcycling. She is going to be named as an icon of women’s motorcycling, there have been several iconic people who left anything behind.

“Barby Byker, is an icon is an inspiration of many. I saw her riding many years ago and I said one day I want to ride a motorcycle like her, I don’t think there is a motorcyclist who doesn’t know that she is an icon of motorcycling, this year we want to recognize her, she is a great person who has contributed to this union that has worked for many years but nothing of this magnitude had been done, now we have the internet for the call”, he added.

girls on the road

Most of the members of the Ola Rosa have been in motorcycling for a long time, but there are also many new people, the youngest is 17 years old who left from Tijuana. There are motorcyclists of all ages, from 20 years of age to more than 60 years; entire families, moms who are motorcyclists with their daughters who are also.

girls on the road

They put negative things aside, the most important thing above all is to roll safely, support each other, they have been forming as a great herd, Cecy said.

This is our first official shoot, it is planned to have shoots at the entire level of the republic, we are forming a union team where each ambassador changes every year to give them the opportunity for more girls to have the title of ambassadors and make more calls and this way this project can grow more, added Ceci.

“Italica called us to give away 80 courses that we are still sharing and our idea is to motivate those girls who are co-pilots to jump the seat line and become female pilots and also learn what is behind each motorcyclist.”

“We are very happy with the great support and platform that our biker brothers have given us because we believe that just as there are great men behind there are great women, there are also great men contributing and they have given us incredible support that we really did not expect,” he stressed.

The pandemic has hit us hard for two years, Motorcycle Week has not been held, he regrets.

He affirmed that they maintain sanitary measures; antibacterial gel, lysol.

“We are all taking great care of ourselves, many of us are moms and dads, we are very concerned about that part, taking all the measures (cover mouths, antibacterial gel, lyson…) but also trying to activate the economy a little, because many of us have been badly hit in the economy,” he added.


Motorcycling is not only seen as a hobby or as a sport, for many of the members of this movement it is an area of ​​opportunity and entrepreneurship.

This movement is made up of girls for whom the motorcycle is their work livelihood to bring income to their home, Cecy clarified, for that reason they do not make a difference, as in many motorcycle clubs for them to enter, they are not based on the “cylinder ”.

“We bring girls who bring 150 motorcycles that are already on their way, 200 motorcycles but they are their method of income, way of working, we are making sure that the girls know that it does not matter what motorcycle they bring, age, color, it does not matter. the city,” he stressed.

They are interested in knowing that there is a network of women motorcyclists who are willing to support them, they have a group that is waiting for their departure, their arrival, that they ride safely and they are developing the platform of having a number to call in case of that they need it.

“It is one of the learnings that we are having, that there have been no limits for women, that today’s women are so in need of that support, of that brotherhood, because of the complicated things that we have been experiencing from insecurity, but also from the knowledge especially in this branch of motorcycling that is very focused on men”, concluded


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