“An innovative and ambitious project” They seek to change the 32,000 street lights to LED lamps, in Mazatlán


It is a very large project and of enormous benefit to the city because it generates savings, has a longer useful life and helps reduce the security rates of the municipality, said José David Ibarra Olmeda

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given that sodium vapor lamps have been discontinued, are obsolete and are hardly manufactured, Public Services brings and promotes a very large, ambitious project for Mazatlán, which is to change all lighting to LED-type luminaires. declared José David Ibarra Olmeda.

The head of the area specified that the idea is to change the 32,000 luminaires of the Municipality and, although it is easy to say, it is quite a challenge for the Public Lighting staff and will largely depend on the production of LED lamps.

“That is a very big project because 32,000 lights are easy to say, but imagine all the lights that they are and that is a very big project, very ambitious on the part of our municipal president, the “Chemist” Benítez, who is going to make history here in Mazatlan to leave the white light, in all of Mazatlan,” he said.  

The local official said that the Commune has already started with a pilot plan in Pradera Dorada and in Villa Unión installing LED lamps, and many liked it; then, just as those areas were left, it is intended to leave the entire city.

In this sense, the director highlighted that one of the great benefits of LED luminaires is the great savings they generate, they have a longer useful life and will help reduce security levels in the locality.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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