Mazatlan mayor announces new trip to Madrid, Spain


He accepted the invitation to preside over the Hispanic Heritage Parade together with the King and the Spanish Civil Government; Mazatlan Cultural Week would also be held in Madrid

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that he will go to Madrid, Spain again, this time to head the Hispanic Parade, which is led by the King and the Spanish government each year.

He stressed that, as Mazatlan is in fashion and because things have been doing well, they have received the invitation to travel to Spain to preside over the Parade of Hispanic Heritage.

“ To tell you what this means, it is the most important parade in Spain, where the King of Spain and the President of the Spanish Civil Government lead it, and Mazatlán is invited, so that together with them they preside over that parade, in such a way that we gladly accept the invitation ”, informed mayor Benítez.

Cada vez más cerca el vuelo Madrid- Mazatlán, afirma el Químico Benítez -  Los Noticieristas

Hispanic Day, takes place on October 12, with a military parade, and symbolizes the cultural and linguistic expansion of Spain beyond the European continent.

The first mayor stressed that they will also take the opportunity to carry out the Mazatlan Cultural Week in Madrid, in the Mexico house, which had not been carried out due to the pandemic.

He added that it will be the best event that there will be in that house in its history.

Mayor Benítez Torres announced that he is in talks with the Banda de El Recodo to go, without charging, since this event benefits everyone, even the media, which will generate a lot of news.


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