The Mocorito sunflower field is now open to the public; Sinaloa Governor inaugurates


The state governor led the ribbon cutting and described it as a very creative idea

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- The Mocorito sunflower field in front of the Los Tigres del Norte museum was opened and it is expected that the attraction will be available for three weekends.

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya led the ribbon cutting and described it as a very creative idea, which has become one more tourist attraction of this Magical Town, where the architectural beauty of its old buildings is mixed with the beauty of nature.

The state president congratulated the mayor María Elizalde Ruelas for having given continuity to this innovative project, started in the last municipal administration by her husband, Guillermo Galindo, as it has become a strong tourist attraction, which gives identity to this Magical Town, since Even in each of the letters of the tourist hostel with the word Mocorito that welcomes you in the main square, sunflowers are reflected.

“We are pleased with this innovative way of attracting tourists,” said the governor while greeting visitors from Nayarit, Zacatecas and even Veracruz, who were the first to enter the sunflower field to take pictures and live with nature.

In her welcome message, Mayor María Elizalde explained that this field of sunflowers has meant a lot to Mocorito, not only as an image and tourist identity, but also because of the economic impact it has left in the past two seasons since 2019, The year it opened, it was visited by 52,200 people, who left a spill of 20 million pesos, and in 2021, since 2020 did not open due to the pandemic, the local economy received another 17 million pesos. pesos, for the visit of another 47 thousand tourists.

The mayor announced that the cost of entering the field of sunflowers is 10 pesos per person, resources that this year will be allocated entirely to a social group, such as the rehabilitation of the Day Care House for the Elderly of the DIF, because 600 thousand pesos are required for its complete restoration.

In this regard, before concluding his message, Governor Rocha promised that his government will double everything collected for this concept of entry to the sunflower field, on a weight-by-weight basis, in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of that care center. of the DIF.

“Whatever you manage to get from these entries, we are going to give them weight by weight, so that it is used in what the DIF needs it most. It is worth rewarding this inventiveness, this creativity and rewarding the generosity of our visitors”, he concluded.

After the opening of the field of sunflowers, Governor Rocha was invited by Mayor María Elizalde Ruelas, to a tour of the main square, along with dozens of inhabitants, to the sound of the notes of the Sinaloa band, which became in a pleasant and cheerful popular festival.

The Governor was also accompanied in this opening by the Secretary of Tourism, Rosario Torres Noriega; the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas; and as guests the municipal president of Badiraguato, José Paz López Elenes; the local deputy, Luz Verónica Avilés Rochín and the federal deputy, Fernando García Hernández.


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