Mazatlan officials remove alcohol checkpoints during holidays


It is a very respectable policy in the case of Culiacán, in Mazatlán with everything that comes from visitors, I do not see it as viable

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The secretary of the Mazatlan City Council, Edgar González Zatarain, said he respected the decision of the municipal government of Culiacán, in the sense of removing the breathalyzer checkpoints, but in Mazatlán, it is not feasible.

“That should have been prepared with more time, I think it is a very respectable policy in the case of Culiacán. Mazatlan with everything that comes from visitors, what you have to do more than anything is to place the breathalyzers well, I do not see it feasible for them to be removed, ”she said.

He said that, in the case of this beach destination, what is feasible is that the revisions are located where the tourist is not disturbed, the preventive issue is reinforced, especially in the tourist area and located where they do not cause crowds or inconvenience.

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“We have a history of many road accidents, especially on weekends, and we cannot lower our guard in this regard,” he added.

González Zatarain recognized that the breathalyzer checkpoints, however agile they may be, will always cause annoyance to the driver, that is why they have to be located where they cause the least inconvenience.

“If it is agile, if it is good, if it is well prepared and we are going to have an itinerant one and we are going to have a permanent one that will detect cases of drunk drivers and it will be jointly with Public Security, the Internal Control Body and the department doctor of the Legal Area”, he stated.

He clarified that the issue of breathalyzers is not tax collection since, in general, the operation costs more than what is collected.


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