Developers presented new Infonavit homes in the northern area of ​​Mazatlan


This Monday real estate developers presented 3 subdivision projects before the Municipal Council of Territorial Planning

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – This Monday real estate developers presented 3 subdivision projects, before the Municipal Council of Territorial Planning, announced the director of Planning and Urban Development of the Mazatlán City Council.

Although he did not give the possible names of the developments, the head of the agency, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, said that these plans have been in the making for some time, however, since the council had not been installed, it could not meet.

“Some are of social interest, which I like because it is what Mazatlán also needs and not just the residential one,” he said.

Estavillo Kelly recognized that there is a significant housing deficit and these new projects will come to help the municipality so that people who have fewer resources can have their home.

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“They are going to be located in the north, they are going to be areas that are feasible for families, they are not remote areas,” he added.

The municipal official said that, as a main requirement, these new subdivisions will have to have all public and security services since having a retired home implies that there is a governance problem.

“By having them close by, it gives citizens a better quality of life and the municipality already has the resources to guarantee these services in that area, because if they weren’t there, this stage would not be reached,” he asserted.

Finally, he maintained that the presentation of these projects is a pre-approval, so there is still a long way to go.


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