Only dunes at the entrance to Bellavista will be for extreme 4×4 sports, warns Civil Protection


Civil Protection reported that there will be four rescue towers that will be installed, in addition, that small boats will be kept safe to support rescue work.

Guasave, Sinaloa.- They exhort lovers of extreme sports of 4×4 units, to respect the beach area of ​​the balnarios and the area where the camper settlements and the houses in Bellavista will be located, as emphasized by the director of Protection Civil, Hildefonso Castro Castro.

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The municipal official carried out a supervision tour in conjunction with the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Sustainable Mobility, as well as with Public Works and Services, where it was agreed to allocate the dunes at the entrance of the spa to carry out this sport.

It was reported that during the operation, four provisional rescue towers will be set up in Bellavista and volunteer personnel will be available with small boats to support rescue work, something that was not available in years past.

“Four towers are going to be installed provisionally, apparently the Public Works area together with that of Salvador Alvarado have a project for next year that is the installation of five towers. To all those people who like this extreme 4×4 sport, give them the dune at the entrance to Bellavista for their use, and ask them to respect the inhabited area and the beach.”

The Civil Protection, Citizen Security and Sustainable Mobility service module will be at the main entrance of the spa, and the Health and Red Cross module will be installed in the residential area near the beach, as well as the Fire Department of both municipalities. 

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Esaú López Bojórquez, general director of Public Works and Services, thanked Salvador Alvarado for his support in coordinating the maintenance of all the accesses that were impassable due to the sand. In addition, the lighting was attended to and it is planned to support the supply of water in pipes.

 Simultaneously, personnel from the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sustainability carried out a cleaning day from the dune area to the entrance of the spa. 

Also in supervision was Juan de Dios López Rubio, Secretary of Citizen Security, and Efraín Castro López, Director of Sustainable Mobility, who already has the device that will be implemented in this period to protect visitors ready.


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