“What’s wrong with Mazatlan?” It’s more expensive than Cancun and we are losing customers say Travel agencies


The Gentrification of Mazatlan?

Hoteliers need to rethink the situation since the cost of rooms or the stay of a few days is costlier even traveling abroad.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Cancun is the main tourist competitor of Mazatlan that it currently has, according to travel agencies that offer services. And do you know why? Because the high cost of hotel rooms in the Pearl of the Pacific is very expensive, even above those who go abroad, said Marcela Zamudio.

The businesswoman and manager of a travel agency indicated that another factor that adds to this competition for Mazatlan is the recent opening of an airline with direct flights to the Riviera Maya, even cheaper for many, that is why it is important that hoteliers of the Pearl of the Pacific rethink this situation, or even start because there is a regulation of room prices.

“It is also an invitation from those of us who operate all the trips, we sometimes say, what happens to Mazatlan that has rates of 4,000, 5,000 pesos? And people say, no, because with that money I’m going to Cancún. Volaris has just opened a direct route from Culiacán, so that is really going to put us at risk, because there are tickets for three thousand pesos round trip, basic rate, without luggage, and there are very cheap hotels in Cancun.”

He emphasized that Cancun, unlike in years, today is cheaper and more accessible for families, who see or know what it means to spend, for example, in a Holy Week in Mazatlan, which could reach at least 20 thousand pesos or up to 50 thousand, prefer to opt for other tourist destinations, and of this, they already register losses of 60 percent in terms of clients.

“Yes, I see that all year round there are very high rates, speaking of my travel operator, I have a loss of 60 percent OF clients who go to other destinations, even abroad, who say hey, it’s that in Mazatlan 20,000, 30,000 pesos in a Holy Week, up to 50,000, because with that I better go to another destination.

Marcela Zamudio acknowledged that before the opening of the Mazatlán-Durango highway, this sun and beach destination is full practically all year round, but the rates have risen too high for families, and sometimes there are hotels that are far from the price with their conditions, although they are not all, there needs to be a regulation and not see affectations in the future.

In search of higher-income tourists hurting tourism in Mazatlan? Does Mazatlan benefit from backpackers and sandwichero tourism?

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On the radio and in talks I have heard that tourism known as sandwichero tourists and backpackers who visit Mazatlan are criticized because they do not eat in restaurants, they look for everything cheap and they come with family, they choose to camp or rent an apartment instead of going to hotels.

The benefits of visiting Mazatlan

It doesn’t matter if you eat in a restaurant or go to a market to buy bread and ham to make some sandwiches while you enjoy the beaches, the simple fact that more and more people get to know Mazatlan benefits us all.

These tourists are just as valuable as any other and they are thanked for visiting Mazatlan with their family or alone, consuming in little stores, buying in greengrocers, buying everything they need to eat on the beach at the Pino Suarez, Juan Carrazco, Juarez, from Conchi.

If they have a good time they help share and recommend Mazatlan, this applies to any business or city, if you have a good time you will recommend it to your friends or you will even return together with them to enjoy everything that Mazatlán has to offer.

In addition, as we mentioned on another occasion, many of the most beautiful and striking attractions in Mazatlan are free or very low cost, such as going to the beach, walking through the historic center, climbing the highest natural lighthouse in the world, walking our long boardwalk. and our beautiful sunsets with the 3 islands in the background, all of this is free for people who want to enjoy it as many times as they want, they even enjoy it and value it more than the Mazatlecos that we already take for granted that we always have all these kilometers of beach at our disposal without taking advantage of it.

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And where do they stay if they don’t get to hotels?

A hotel is not the only option to spend the night in Mazatlan, you can also stay with relatives, friends or in hostels, there are more and more hostels in Mazatlan to receive tourists who travel for long periods of time and prefer to invest their money in trying the local food than in a hotel room.

In recent years there has been an increase in vacation rental offers for apartments and rooms in houses through direct contact or through Airbnb (I recommend using the latter, it is very safe)

In any tourist destination, we should appreciate that it is visited by any person, regardless of whether they eat every day in expensive restaurants or at a seafood stand on the sidewalk, because they are all equally important. Thank you for choosing Mazatlan for your vacation.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com, mazatleco.com

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