Have you been a victim of police abuse? Report it! says Mazatlan’s internal affairs


With the new law, the citizen is notified of the resolutions and if it is not favorable, they can be challenged and everything is with the objective of eradicating this problem, declared Rafael Padilla Díaz.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- If the Public Security Internal Affairs area ( SSPyTM ) does not give results, an exhaustive review should be carried out to verify that there are no sanctions against alleged abuses by municipal police officers, declared Rafael Padilla Díaz. 

The head of the Internal Control Body, urged citizens, if they are victims of any abuse by the agents, to formally report it in his office to follow up on the case, as established by the Law of Administrative Responsibilities because now no complaint can be left on the desk.  

“In the case of abuses of municipal public services, in their powers, for example; As for the officers (police) that so many topics are mentioned on social networks, it is important that people go and report, no.

“The culture of denunciation is going to help us to stop all this type of abuse, of excesses, from happening; then, we take up a complaint and the complaint is followed up on time, ”he pointed out.

The municipal comptroller specified that with the new Law the citizen is notified of the resolutions, and if it is not favorable they can be challenged, and everything is with the objective of eradicating this problem. 

In fact, in the Internal Control Body the resolution of several policemen who apparently broke the Law is about to come out; they shot in the air or committed some abuse against the citizens so that no act goes unpunished.

Options for reporting a crime in Mazatlan

It makes citizen attention reports, receives official notifications from the City Council in different areas, has a direct messaging system with the mayor and has an alert button to receive attention in emergency situations.

This application provides citizens with a mechanism to make citizen attention reports on:

· Parks and Gardens   
· Public Lighting    
· Public Works          
· Urban Cleanliness 
· Municipal Drinking Water Board
· Sports        
· Ecology         
· Traffic          
· Planning     
· Economic Development          
· Welfare and Social Development           
· DIF System  
· Mayor’s Office          
· Public Security     
· Municipal Women’s Institute
· Housing and Land Ownership

In addition, it allows you to receive notifications made by the H. City Council of Mazatlán, referring to:
· Traffic
· Works
· Events
· Promotions

Mazatlán App

It is a channel of direct communication with the mayor through a message system.

Provides an alert button to request help in emergency situations.

The Mazatlán App is available in Spanish and English click here to download app

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