Holy Week 2022: What are the most famous beaches in Mazatlan?


You can download the Mazatlán App to check the capacity of the beach you choose to visit

MAZATLAN. – We are nowhere near the beginning of the Easter holiday period and obviously, the plan that cannot be missing from your itinerary is to visit one of the beautiful beaches that Mazatlán has, we have a 21-kilometer beachfront and 9 kilometers of boardwalk, considered one of the longest in the world.  

So go prepare your bikini, swimsuit, and sunscreen so that the party to the sound of the band is about to start. Next, we present the most famous and popular beaches of the port.  

Playa Olas Altas

It is popular with surfers, especially in the summer when it has the best swell. The rest of the year its waters are calm but beware that there are rocks. This beach has something magical; depending on the time of year, the sand changes position, it can be in the extreme north and six months later in the extreme south.  

Playa Pinitos   

The favorite of many. It is located next to the Casa del Marino. Its waters have waves between moderate and strong, so they are one of the best for surfing, but do not be fooled that on the shore its waters are calm, ideal for bathing with the family. 

Playa Norte 

It’s the most popular in the county! This beach is the favorite of Mazatlecos and tourists because its waters are one of the calmest, so children can play and enjoy it without a problem. The best thing is that it is in front of the boardwalk, which makes it the most central beach of all. But that’s not all your view of the three islands is spectacular.  

Playa Camarón 

This beach belongs to the Golden Zone, it is located in the middle of beautiful hotels with a spectacular view, but so that you can better identify it, the beach begins just after what was the “Sumbawa” nightclub. Its waters are very calm so you can swim without problems.  

Playa Sábalo y Gaviotas  

They are famous for the practice of water sports such as diving, snorkeling, or surfing, as well as various recreational activities such as skydiving, kayaking, or the famous catamaran rides because their waters are quite calm.  

They have a great view and are considered the most popular area for tourism.  

Playa Pato Blanco 

It is one of the quietest beaches in Mazatlán, but when the tide rises it can be difficult to access as there are many stones that can be an obstacle. It is a small beach with crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and forgetting about the world.  

Playa Brujas 

It is considered one of the best beaches in the port thanks to its enormous waves, and this characteristic makes it the most visited by surf lovers. It is located north of Mazatlan. It is also recognized because families rent ATVs and horses to ride.  

Playa Cerritos

It is located north of the coast. It adjoins witch beaches, but they are separated by a hill. It is in the open sea, but despite this, it has calm waters because it has rocks that form natural pools. 

Isla de la Piedra y de los Chivos 

Isla de la Piedra and Isla de los Chivos are one of the tourist attractions of Mazatlan, as they have quiet beaches where you can practice water sports such as swimming, riding a banana, or riding an ATV, horseback riding, or simply relax in one of the restaurants. better known as “palapas” that are located on the shore of the beach while you enjoy a ceviche or a fish zaradeado.  

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To get there by sea you can do it on a tour or by crossing from the 2 piers that work as water taxis that take you and return you to Mazatlan for 35 pesos.  

La Isla de la Piedra una aventura imperdible-

Because we are still in a pandemic, the beaches have a capacity limit, but how do you know when they are full? If you want to have this information you can download the Mazatlan App and a section with the beach traffic light will appear there. There you can click on one of the beaches to find out what color their capacity is.

Source:  punto.mx

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