Mazatlan Civil Protection and service providers trained in first aid in preparation for Easter Holidays


The people who will take these courses have completed the physical part, now they will enter the first aid and rescue stage.

MAZATLAN. – The Easter holiday period is just around the corner, and Civil Protection training in terms of aquatic rescue does not stop, to avoid accidents.

There are more than 100 people who seek to be in perfect conditions to provide a good service during Holy Week and Easter Week when the population will “double” in the port.

Instructor Gonzalo Magallanes explained that those who are receiving the training are elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad, as well as service providers, parachutes, hotel lifeguards, and individuals.

“The part of physical preparation at sea has already been fulfilled, and it will be from this Tuesday when we start with classes, firstly, first aid, having people from the state capital who will provide such training as guests,” he said. . 

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday workshops will be given on resuscitation techniques, in case of drowning by immersion.  


The Mazatlan Post