Are you planning to visit Isla Marias?… From Mazatlan, a “mini-cruise ship” will sail


The ship will have 33 cabins and will be for 150 passengers, a private initiative project, revealed Emilio Noe Hernández Kelly, director of the “Tres Marías” shipping company.

“Pacific monarch cruise”, el ‘mini crucero turístico’ que navegará de Mazatlán a las Islas Marías.
The Naviera “Tres Marías”

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – Can you imagine being able to go to the Islas Marías on a more exclusive trip? Now it will be possible! The Naviera “Tres Marías” is preparing with an innovative project of the private initiative to be able to move aboard a “mini-cruise” to the new ecotourism and cultural zone, informed Emilio Noe Hernández Kelly .

Islas Marías, de penitenciario a reserva natural y centro de educación  ambiental

The general director of the shipping company specified that the mini-cruise Pacific monarch cruise will have 33 cabins and will have a capacity of 150 passengers, where more personalized attention will be provided to each tourist who wants to visit the ecological reserve of the Marías Islands.

“It will be a “mini cruise”, it will be open to the general public and the concept of “mini cruise” is a vessel that is not as large as the cruise ships with belts of cabins, but rather is more exclusive, it is more personalized attention ”

Así lucen las Islas Marías, la que fue una cárcel con 'muros de agua'

“… it will have 33 cabins, it will be for 150 passengers, but don’t get any more information from me, wait for the official presentation,” he said.

"Pacific monarch cruise", the 'mini tourist cruise' that will sail from Mazatlán to the Marías Islands

The shipping businessman pointed out that by summer the ships and the entire project could be ready to offer the Mazatlan nautical tourism service to the new ecotourism and cultural zone (Islas Marías).

However, Hernández Kelly did not elaborate on the project or it’s itinerary because everything will be announced to the general public in about two more weeks.


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