Expo Fair and ‘Tamboreada’ of San Ignacio, find out where and when


This 2022 the Expo Fair of San Ignacio returns and the famous “Tamboreada”

Tras dos años de pandemia regresa a San Ignacio la Expo Feria de Semana  Santa | Línea Directa

SAN IGNACIO.- With the slogan “Rescuing Tradition”, the municipality of San Ignacio announced that from April 10 to 17 they will be carrying out the activities of the well-known “Tamboreada”, where there will also be an Expo Fair with dances and games mechanics to spice up Holy Week.

The municipal president, Octavio Bastidas Manjarrez, expressed that the traditional festivities return after two years of absence due to the pandemic, but they will carry out the protocols to avoid health risks.  

“We have a good program, obviously we have to take care of the forms and measures that the Ministry of Health indicates to us, but we do have scheduled to do it, also at night with the tradition that marks it in the municipal stadium the traditional dance is done,” he said. . 

¿No sabes qué hacer esta Semana Santa? San Ignacio te invita a “Rescatar la Tradición”

Bastidas Manjarrez commented that, although they are about to sign a contract with a renowned norteño group, the confirmation of the Banda Rancho Viejo and Única del Rancho is already tied up, and mechanical games and stands will also be installed.  

Miles celebran la Tamboreada en San Ignacio | Entre Veredas

He added that they have within the program the coronation of the queen and child queen at the opening of the festivities, they will also have activities on the Piaxtla River, boogie races, 4×4 cars, motorcycles, and live music. 

¿No sabes qué hacer esta Semana Santa? San Ignacio te invita a “Rescatar la Tradición”

When is the “Tamboreada”?

During Thursday night, the traditional drumming will take place for his return, in which a band leads the distinguished contingent with commemorative shirts that start from the square and walk through the streets of the towns until they reach the municipal stadium to start the expo fair. 

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