Mazatlan mayor assures that facemask could be dispensed with in open spaces


The mayor of Mazatlán said that they are waiting for the instruction of the governor of Sinaloa.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For the dates of Holy Week, the instruction of the governor of Sinaloa is awaiting the non-use of face masks in open places, assured the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

“ We are waiting for them to give the instruction, I think that right now it is possible to do it in open places, in closed places it is not convenient yet, that is my opinion like any citizen, but I am waiting for the governor to give the line ”, he said.

Mayor Benítez Torres acknowledged that on Thursday there was a slight uptick in Covid infections, which may be normal because then there is a decline, but that is why they cannot be trusted since Mazatlan’s economy is touristic and not they can put that at risk.

However, he announced that they will assess if all the protocols to authorize the non-use of face masks at Easter are withdrawn since certain controls and filters must be in place for all tourism that comes from other states.

He added that it is not convenient for them for any reason that the cases of Covid rise, even if they are not lethal, because they want more tourism to come and not be scared so that there is more economic income to help Mazatlecos.

And he supported the hotel sector’s proposal to increase capacity to 100 percent during Easter.


The Mazatlan Post