Students from 500 schools will not be able to return to face-to-face classes in Sinaloa


In Sinaloa there are around 500 basic-level schools that will not be able to return to attendance in the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year, to which are added others that are not returning either and are in the process of review, because in many of them there are problems but there is no communication between parents and directors. However, there are schools that do not have adequate infrastructure and there are several circumstances that caused it, including vandalism.

This was indicated by the head of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture of Sinaloa (SEPyC), Graciela Domínguez Nava, who emphasized that those schools, in particular, will not return until an investment is made for repairs. She indicated that for this they have three aspects, for which they are working with 360 schools that only have basic service problems, with an investment of 18 million pesos. There is also La Escuela es Nuestra, with 218 million between the Federation and the State, in addition to the investment by the Multiple Contributions Fund (FAM), which ISIFE invests directly, of more than 140 million.

“I could not anticipate an opinion because it would be generalizing and we would have to review each situation. We have received complaints from some parents who want their children to return and who warn that the school does not have any problems. We are following up on these cases, reviewing, talking with the directors and in some cases, for example, what we have found, that there was a problem, ”she said.

Domínguez Nava indicated that there are many schools where students are taking classes in the courtyard because they do not have electricity, and these are the schools that will be given priority to rehabilitate either that service or that of drinking water. He indicated that the investment will be made during this year, since they are subject to operating rules by the Welfare area, in addition to the fact that the necessary committees cannot be created until the Mandate Revocation consultation is passed.


The Mazatlan Post