Residents of the Golden Zone in Mazatlan oppose the opening of a strip club


We are in total disagreement, both in the line of business and in the way things are being done, said the representative of the Union of Condominium Owners of the Las Palmas Shopping Center.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For failing to comply with the internal regulations, in addition to implying the alleged opening and operation of a strip club, condominium owners of one of the commercial plazas in the middle of the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, raised their voice this Friday, and publicly rejected this new trade, since according to them, it pays attention to what is established on this point.

They oppose the opening of table dance in Mazatlan's golden zone.

The complainants indicated that 10 days ago, in one of the premises, located on the second floor of this square, remodeling work began, but they were never asked for their opinion or their consent as to whether they agreed.

“It is a business, one of the businesses that call them black lines, so the truth is that the condominium owners of the plaza do not agree, because not only the image it projects but also a business of this type depreciates the premises. , and the value of the square, besides that at no time was any condominium concession taken, nor the administrator, we were not informed of anything.

Meanwhile, the lawyer Miguel González Torres, said that everything indicates that these works are outside the law, where they even do not know if the Mayor’s Office authorized this opening, or any other authority, of a property that has suffered deterioration and damage, as a result of the work that some masons began to do.

“If the regulations indicated in the Planning Law and the Alcohol Law are not complied with, obviously it is a totally illegal act and the owners are going to take measures in this regard, well there are a total of 58 stores, in which is proceeding to the lifting of signatures and until now the majority is demonstrating against, we do not know the way and the mechanisms with which the building is being carried out”.

JLV-A review!  Disagreement of neighbors against table dance in Mazatlan, Secretary of Commune will be reviewed (2).jpeg

The complainants showed the media some damage to the property, as a result of the work that remained firm this Friday, and that it has been almost two weeks since they began to remodel the place where a table dance will operate.


The Mazatlan Post