The price of fresh cheese will increase in Mazatlan


It is estimated that next Monday there will also be an increase in cheese in the city due to the high cost of supplies.

MAZATLAN. – The new leader of the Union of Queseros del Sur de Sinaloa, Salvador Osuna Osuna, said that the cost per kilo of fresh cheese will increase from 70 to 80 pesos, following the consequence of the high operating costs that producers have.

“Without a doubt, farmers are raising milk because they are having a hard time sustaining it, it is more difficult every day, food production is scarcer and we are all suffering the consequences, producers and consumers,” he said.

He indicated that for next Monday the kilo of fresh cheese could rise from 70 to 80 pesos, he emphasized that sales are between 70 percent, but with this increase that it will have it could go down a little more since people think about it .

New manager

The new leader of the cheesemakers, Salvador Osuna, pointed out that his main purpose is to be able to achieve a union between the producers and begin to implement wholesale purchases of inputs, as well as products that they use for the production of cheeses with the idea of ​​reducing high production costs and benefit small producers.

“The main idea is to be more united, lower costs, buy supplies wholesale and lower costs as much as possible. The idea we have of buying supplies wholesale and lowering costs is the only thing we can do, cheese does not have many alternatives because it is a single product, ”he said.

He stressed that the association has approximately 25 members, but if they all come together they exceed 150, and those are the ones that produce between 25,000 and 30,000 liters of dairy products per day, but they are seeking to increase the number of members.


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