Water taxis from Isla de la Piedra increased services by 60% during Carnival


Service providers prepare for the Holy Week and Easter holiday period where they estimate services will triple.

Mazatlan. Without-. The bonanza that Carnival left in Mazatlan also reached the boatmen of the Isla de la Piedra pier, who managed to increase their services by up to 60%.

José, a member of the union of boatmen, assured that on Saturday and Sunday of Carnival they carried out up to 15 daily laps, with the boats filled up to 70%, capacity allowed by the pandemic.

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“On the days of Carnival, we do about five or six laps per hour, compared to the three laps we are doing,” he said.

He added that most of the people who came to this service were locals looking to move to work, but despite the fact that there were no classes, the absence of users was not noticed thanks to the visitors.

He revealed that most of the tourists who arrived in Mazatlán to enjoy the maximum party were mostly from Durango, Coahuila or from municipalities such as Culiacán and Ahome.

The service provider estimates that a good season is expected for Easter where services could be tripled and the day extended.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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