Mazatlan Carnival brings business to local restauranteurs


“Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán’s carnival represents a break for the restauranteurs who are located in the Pino Suárez market.

Since last Thursday, Feb. 24th, the owners of the aforementioned businesses have observed a greater influx of people in the area.

Cleotilde Sánchez, the owner of Cloty restaurant, mentioned that for about six or seven days they have had a break. “There are many people, a lot of movement that is giving life to all of us. This is good news for us”, expressed Cleotilde Sánchez.

The tenant stressed that the carnival festivities represent a good opportunity for all the workers of these lines of business.

Dozens of people came to have breakfast in the cheap restaurant area. From eggs with ham, with bacon, breaded beef steak, meat stews, and shrimp is what the merchants offer. Prices range between 70 and 140 pesos, depending on the dish.

Although a good response from the diners is reported, the restaurateurs estimate that they will not be able to recover from the crisis left by the pandemic. the workers,” said Cleotilde Sánchez.

The tenants hope that this month of March will be good for their activity. They hope to keep that number of customers.

People are afraid of Covid-19

Although there is a good activity in the restaurants of the Pino Suárez market, the tenants are afraid of Covid-19.

“Yes, there are a lot of people, but what I don’t like is that we don’t know how things are going in 15 more days, but no way, we have to work, otherwise we won’t eat,” said Cleotilde Sánchez.

The waiters use a facemask, antibacterial gel, and they wash their hands frequently.

Restaurant owners have good expectations for the upcoming Easter holidays. Semana Santa will help businesses to recover part of the losses left by the 2020 health emergency.

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