First world architecture, the new towers that come to Mazatlan


First world architecture, the new towers that come to Mazatlan

MAZATLAN. – At least 15 condominium towers are being built or coming by 2022, with first-world architectural designs, said Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.

He mentioned that they are distributed along Del Mar, La Marina, and Cerritos avenues, where it is being verified that each one has permits, public services, and a certainty of investment to materialize.

“We bring more than 15 developments in process that are being added, we present a development on this side of the Marina and others are coming for Cerritos, I think that Mazatlán is at that point and what we have to take care of is that the developments meet all the requirements. and that they grow in an orderly manner,” he declared.

According to the firm Diagrama Arquitectos, one of the trends for 2022 is the inclusion of green and outdoor spaces, gardens on the roof and on the ground floors, terraces or balconies in most units, so that tenants can be in contact with the environment and that the interior spaces have good lighting and natural ventilation.

Arellano Osorio pointed out that this is precisely what is sought, and hence the importance of working hand in hand with the authorities on the issue of permits and first-level services.

He also said that approximately the majority of the developments are from local and national investors, the rest from foreigners who seek attraction for Mazatlan and see a future for it.

“There are 60 percent of the country and local developers or investors, there is a certainty that the investment is there, always taking care that the credits are available for development,” he said.

Another of the trends of the architectural firm at the national level is that of rescuing old structures and buildings, restoring them and giving them life, which in terms of decoration and interior design, both in Mexico and Latin America, maintain a value for craftsmanship and return to the use of local materials over imported materials.


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