Thousands of Mazatlan Carnival tourists assure that you have to learn to live with covid


Thousands of tourists gather in Mazatlán to enjoy the carnival and assure that they were angry at being locked up and that they have to learn to live with covid.

Thousands of people from different states of the republic meet in Mazatlan to enjoy the International Carnival of Mazatlan “LANAO” the journey continues.

Tourists assure that you have to learn to live with covid

Some claim to have planned their trip several months in advance, so once it was announced that the town’s biggest party would take place, they did not hesitate to come to the port.

Tourists assure that you have to learn to live with covid

When asked about it because they decided to come to Mazatlan and not to another destination, the majority agreed on 4 things: gastronomy, quality of its people, the beaches, and the beautiful women.

Tourists assure that you have to learn to live with covid

As for covid, they assured us that it is a situation with which we will have to learn to live and that although it scares them, they could not pass up the opportunity to come to Mazatlan, most of them without wearing a face mask.

The International Carnival of Mazatlan 2022 is lived intensely in the two most traditional places of this port: Plazuela Machado and Olas Altas.

Both sites have extensive health and safety filters, where people are required to use face masks, take temperature and antibacterial gel. They also have to go through a sanitizing booth.

Plazuela Machado looked picturesque, like herself, like every year, where entire families, friends, and couples enjoy the atmosphere in restaurants and at the kiosk.

In different points of the place the Sinaloense Band resounds, while people dance and enjoy the moment.

Photo: Christian Bernal

A few blocks ahead. In Olas Altas, there are different pavilions with live music, from versatile groups such as Regional Mexican, while people enjoy their beers by the sea.

The wigs, hats, masks, and lights cannot be missing from the place, being an important part of this celebration

Due to neglect of protocols at the Mazatlán Carnival difficult times are comings says Secretary of Health in SinaloaHéctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda

He recognized that the sanitary control in the coronations has been halfway and it has not been possible to make people comply with the protocols.

The most difficult is coming, says Cuén due to neglect of protocols at the beginning of the Mazatlán Carnival

“It must be said, in the stadiums we have tried to control, and it has been half controlled, but today, this day is going to be extremely difficult; I appeal to the people to the conscience of the people, because you who feel strong and have been vaccinated, it is not true that you cannot be infected, it is clear that you can be infected, ”he declared.

The state official said that the greatest effort is being made to prevent contagion from occurring in the Carnival areas since he argued that the rate of contagion is going down despite the fact that a massive event is taking place, so, he said that the actions that are being carried out in the port is park the descent continue despite the carelessness of the attendees.

Cuén Ojeda added that he gave instructions to the health brigades that are in the COVID rapid test modules, to start inviting partygoers to take a test whether they have symptoms or not, in order to detect asymptomatic positives, since he recognized that People do not go on their own to get an antigen test, which leads to the irresponsibility of celebrating and spreading it at the same time.


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