Green Angels “WARNING” Bad roads; it’s better to be late, but safe in getting to Mazatlan’s Carnival


It is Friday when the bulk of tourists come from Mexico City, Chihuahua, Durango, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Zacatecas, Jalisco and even Tamaulipas.

“We are going to be very attentive in Durango because that is where we expect something strong, we know that there are 8 states of the Republic that come to the Carnival and there we are going to be supporting Capufe very strongly,” he reported.

Picos Quintero, lamented the conditions in which the road from Mazatlán to Guasave is located, where accidents have sadly been registered, waiting for the authorities of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to take a step so that these communication routes are repaired.

“Hopefully they will be repaired because not only is Carnival coming, Easter is coming, Motorcycle Week is coming and many events, many events are coming that are going to take place and there you have to be more aware of that stretch of road that unfortunately does give a lot to talk about ”, he added.

Toll booth costs  

Do you plan to come to the Carnival by land? Here we tell you how much the toll booths cost you from Culiacán to Mazatlán, and the one from Durango-Mazatlán

The Green Angels commander said that as of this Thursday an increase of 50 percent in the road flow that circulates through both communication routes is estimated. 

He invited the drivers who travel along that highway to slow down, especially if they bring family, give them security and if they take 3 hours to get to Mazatlan, do 4, putting safety first.

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