ALERT: If you plan to rent or set aside a place in Carnival, this interests you


Avenida del Mar will open to the public from 10:00 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday for the family celebration.

MAZATLÁN.- Do you plan to set aside a place for the naval combat and the Carnival parade? This will interest you: the senior official of the Mazatlán City Council, Nayla Velarde Narváez, made an extensive call to both local citizens and visitors not to set aside a place on Avenida del Mar prior to the naval combat, on Saturday, nor before the parade, on Sunday.  

He reported that there is already a rigorous operation in security protocols due to the installation of pyrotechnics for events, so the population cannot go to set aside a place where they want for security.  

“There are operations for the issue of pyrotechnics and gunpowder, families have to be protected; therefore, we invite those who are going to go not to set aside places because it will be strictly prohibited, because they will be installing explosives and it can be dangerous”; Velarde Narvaez said. 

The rental of chairs for parades of the Mazatlan Carnival is prohibited

The official pointed out that there will be a fine and confiscation of furniture for the places that are located in the Carnival strip and more because they lend themselves to the rental of spaces; the rent of chairs is prohibited since this party is familiar in every way.  

She pointed out that on the subject of confiscations, the furniture is collected and, after three days, the fine is paid and the chairs are returned. 


The Mazatlan Post