Meet Mariana Wilson, founder of Mazatlan’s ‘Blint’ and have fun jumping


Her venture was born with the arrival of the pandemic when all the gyms in the port were closed

MAZATLAN.- Do you want to exercise in a fun way, but with the security of burning calories? Do it by jumping with Mariana Wilson and her new project “Blint”, the balance between the harmony between having fun and exercising.  

At 25 years old, Mariana is a Marketing graduate, but she is passionate about the Fitness world, so she considers that exercising is very important for people’s health. 

But what is it? Surely when you have visited a gym or watched exercise videos, you see a trampoline, where the trainer or coach is jumping at a speed to burn fat, because Blint will be the only place in the port where the classes will specialize in this dynamic exercise and funny. 

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

In the words of the businesswoman, Blint was born when the pandemic closed all gyms for three months, being so disciplined and constant with her exercise routine, she had to devise a plan “B”. 

“The pandemic came and I said what am I going to do? I can’t be doing nothing all the time. And a friend from Guadalajara came back to Mazatlan and she brought the trampoline and that’s when I discovered it.” 

Although she was already aware of this type of exercise, she had not tried it yet until she practiced a routine once and fell in love with the dynamic and fun way in which people can stay healthy, lose weight and achieve their goals. 

“I want everyone to fall in love and get to know this new project.” 

Photos: Karyna Sanchez

What are the advantages?  

Mariana tells us that the great benefits of being able to exercise with a trampoline is that your body will be able to develop muscles, jumping is an activity that works the muscles of the body, especially the buttocks, thighs, and abdominals, and it will also be very easy for children to want to jump since this activity will activate them and also tire them out in a while. 

In addition to having fun, the main objective of this exercise accessory is to burn calories, since it is said that by jumping you could burn more calories than jogging or even running, in addition to taking care of your knees and leg joints, since the impact on the ground compared to the trampoline is minimal. 

With this exercise, you will strengthen the heart and lungs, which are the basic tools for any human being, especially for people who exercise; jumping on the trampoline will increase your strength, as well as make you sweat. 

“Sometimes when you do a type of cardio, you get bored, but constantly jumping will make you burn calories having fun.” 


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