Firm hand against loud music on Mazatlan public transport


The Mazatlan City Council was summoned by a court to abide by the order.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the demand faced by the Mazatlán City Council, the operation against the high music of public transport will continue, announced the director of Roads and Transportation, Miguel Loaiza Pérez.

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Interviewed after meeting with the secretary of the City Council, Édgar González Zataráin, and the leaders of all transport organizations in the city, he indicated that the firm hand will continue against those units that play very loud music.

En Sinaloa sancionarán a choferes de transporte que escuchen música a todo  volumen

” The City Council was summoned by a court to abide by the order, the willingness of the carriers is to continue collaborating with the application, with the drivers lowering the volume of the sound and in our case, jointly work with the City Council for the operations, ”he said.

Loaiza Pérez assured that the transportation leaders are aware of the problem and that they will attend to it urgently since there is no excuse here.

” We are going to continue, continue with the operation applying fines, it has dropped a lot and you can see it, but we have to continue working every day,” said the state official.

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The Director of Roads and Transportation reported that in the city of Culiacán they have a conflict with urban transportation, especially in the case of sound and light, but in other municipalities such as Ahome, they have no problem.


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