While the Mazatlan Carnival is on pause … they prepare the installation of poppets


Governor Ruben Rocha Moya indicated that they continue to review COVID-19 infections.

MAZATLAN.- Not always! Governor Rubén Rocha Moya indicated that there are still a few days to make a decision on whether to hold the Mazatlan International Carnival 2022 or not.

A la vanguardia! Monigotes de este Carnaval tendrán su QR, son diez los que  ya adornan el Malecón de Mazatlán - Los Noticieristas

The president met this Friday with the Technical Health Committee and with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to check the behavior of COVID-19 infections and review the entire issue regarding the party.

At the meeting, the decision was made to postpone the decision, so the doubt and uncertainty about the realization of the Carnival will continue to be present in Sinaloans and tourists.

According to Rocha Moya, every day they are reviewing the number of COVID infections and there is a decrease in the figures, but some cases are being reviewed that could be late dates because some laboratories were not reporting their positive cases, affecting the figures that the Ministry of Health was announcing.

“In reality we are not going to say now it is canceled or done, as long as the organization endures it will be like this, then we will be on hold and on pause,” he said.

He pointed out that they still have the coming week and part of the following to make the decision because on the 19th the color of the epidemiological traffic light changes again.

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Mazatlán has three things that identify it: its Carnival, its music, and its gastronomy.

And if it is Carnival, any excuse is good to be present at any of its activities, either before or during the party.

$!Mazatlán's boardwalk dresses up for Carnival, band and joy

This Thursday, in the only demonstration that took place on the boardwalk prior to the election of the King of Joy and the Children’s Queen, the atmosphere that the candidates created was one of joy.

More than 100 cars and trucks formed the caravan that toured the entire boardwalk, from Olas Altas to Central Park.

Mazatlecos had not seen this for two years, and many of them went out to the streets to see their possible kings and queens.

$!Mazatlán's boardwalk dresses up for Carnival, band and joy

Each candidate and candidate brought their music and dozens of people accompanied them, luxurious cars went ahead, all greeted the public who, with telephone in hand, enjoyed the parade, the fireworks, and the souvenirs that they distributed.

The parade lasted almost an hour and a half, and at all times there were people greeting the caravan, dancing, remembering what the Carnival party is.

$!Mazatlán's boardwalk dresses up for Carnival, band and joy

And although it is well known that people need this celebration, the shadow of Covid-19 is still a barrier that has not been overcome.

This is Mazatlan, its people, its party…

The boardwalk is the obligatory route for any celebration, and of course, with that majestic view of an imposing ocean and a breathtaking sunset.

$!Mazatlán's boardwalk dresses up for Carnival, band and joy

The cheers were not far behind and the rhythm of rattles added more passion to the environment.

$!Mazatlán's boardwalk dresses up for Carnival, band and joy

And on both sidewalks of the coastal promenade, Mazatlecos and tourists captured the moment of glory of the participants.

The noise did not matter, Mazatlán wanted to meet its royalty.

And although everything is still on hold, the Carnival activities continue to take place normally. Yesterday the Carnival King and Children’s Queen were elected, while today Saturday will be the election of the Carnival Queen and the Queen of the Floral Games.

El malecón de Mazatlán se viste de Carnaval, banda y alegría

They prepare installation of puppets

The Institute of Culture reported that the gigantic structures that announce the arrival of the Mazatlan Carnival, the puppets, are ready and about to be installed along the coastal promenade and emblematic places,

As of this Friday, they began to leave the warehouses to be installed for the enjoyment of locals and tourists.

Source: punto.mx, lineadirectaportal.com

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