Mazatlan tourism and entertainment companies commit to continuing to respect the guidelines established by the Alcohol Law


Tourism and entertainment companies commit to continue respecting the guidelines established by the Alcohol Law and request support to achieve changes and updates in it.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that Mazatlán maintains special conditions in its nightlife compared to the rest of the entity because it is a tourist destination, the problems that are registered are minimal, said the director of Alcohol in Sinaloa, Pablo Francisco Bedoya Bañuelos, during a meeting with the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers.

The state official made it clear that they are not here to hit anyone, but to enforce the Law, which he agreed to, requires an update.

“Well, they understand that there is authority, that there must be order, that the Law is respected, there are rights and obligations to receive both permits and licenses, whatever they are called, they also have obligations, the truth is that Mazatlán behaves differently from other cities in the state, the consumer is different, since it is generally tourist people”.

The president of Acetem, Tulio Martínez Tirado, stated that, from the outset, in Mazatlan they do not want to cause problems, since they are in the best position to abide by all the provisions.

He commented that an area of ​​opportunity is to open up the granting of alcohol licenses a little, when it comes to large investments, which can be restaurants, nightclubs, and even new hotels, thus giving security to the investment.

However, he clarified that the owners of bars and nightclubs in Mazatlan have behaved very well, without causing any problems, generally speaking.


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