Drag scene in Mazatlan grows


There are currently three clubs/bars that are looking for a way to give them space through shows and contests, aimed at perhaps participating in spaces such as La Más Draga, Tulio Martínez explained.

MAZATLAN. – The drag queen has existed in the world for years, but its strength has gone viral thanks to the internet and social networks, and Mazatlan is becoming a strong stage for these artists.  

Tulio Martínez, president of the Association of Tourist and Entertainment Centers, mentioned that there are at least three spaces where drag shows are held and that many of these have risen to fame or to national contests such as La Más Draga.

“There are three of us, PP Club, Scandalo and Lolly Pop, we have been working with a drag queen show, which is a Mexican talent that has made a comeback, there are people with a lot of talent in that, about makeup, the type of drag, it is a talent that you bring out from the ordinary to the extraordinary,” he declared.  

One of the most famous drags queens in Mazatlán and that has crossed borders is Soro Nasty, it has participated in different contests gaining popularity among the followers of this art, as well as the drags queens themselves, it participated in the second season of La Más Draga and currently has his YouTube channel.  

“It has taken a lot of strength, it has taken a lot in terms of drag, we are having events like the Drag Factor that we have achieved popularity, with new talents from Sinaloa, but there is also a lot of tourism because they are first class shows and Mazatlan is being visible in that” , He said.

Drag emerged as a dramatic element during the second half of the 19th century, intended to make a comedic projection of social notions about social behavior, aristocracy, political organization, gender roles, social etiquette, and social conventions.  

It was appreciated in various forms of variety theater of the 19th century, in which the presentation of sketches and one-act plays in which burlesques of social or cultural elements were performed, frequently with the participation of actors dressed as characters from the opposite gender to intensify the comedy.

It appeared in the United Kingdom during the second half of the 19th century, derived from the transvestite and appreciated in shows such as Victorian burlesque and British pantomime.

In addition to La Más Draga in Mexico, there are many drag queen programs in the world, such as the most famous, Ru Paul, which you can watch on Netflix.  

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