Renters Beware, Fraud detected in Mazatlan vacation rentals


The president of AMPI mentioned that most of the cases are presented through social networks.

Mazatlan. Sinaloa-. The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlan has received complaints of fraud in vacation rentals, revealed Roberto Carlos Arellano Osorio.

The president of AMPI explained that in recent months there has been an increase of 20%, without giving exact numbers, and that most of the case is presented through social networks, which is where the rents of apartments and houses are published. .

Vacation rentals have had a very significant rise, however, we have to inform citizens and tourists who come to Mazatlán to approach certified institutions to make this type of rental because it generates a negative expectation for the city, while let’s not take care of that medium can affect Mazatlan,” he warned.

He announced that they are looking for strategies, such as managing bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and certification processes, to reduce the frequency of these cases.

Arellano Osorio explained that fraudulent rents can be identified when the deposit is requested immediately and not making a contract beforehand.

Given this, he called for vacationers who wish to rent in another city to approach a certified real estate consultant in order to avoid mishaps.

“Unfortunately, when they arrive they do not have the appropriate elements such as contracts or a series of certifications that allow us to help them, unfortunately, they do everything through networks and when they arrive in the city they find these types of problems,” he concluded.

In the last four years, vacation rentals have grown by 27% in Mazatlan, according to the summer 2021 tourist satisfaction survey.

In the questionnaires applied in the summer of 2017, this type of accommodation occupied 3%, in 2018 it increased to 15%, in 2019 16%, and in 2021 it grew to 27%.

In Mazatlan, there are 13,000 hotel rooms, while there are more than 6,000 vacation homes on the coastal strip alone.


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