Postpone or suspend the Mazatlan International Carnival? Here’s what the governor proposes


It will be until Friday, that the state and municipal authorities meet to define if the maximum party of the port continues from strength to strength for the established dates, in front of an orange epidemiological traffic light.

MAZATLAN. – It will be until Friday when Rubén Rocha Moya, the government and health authorities sit down with Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to define if the International Carnival of Mazatlan continues “wind in the stern”, as confirmed by the governor this morning during the weekly conference.  

But what did he propose? Rocha Moya explained that there are three options, carry it out, suspend it or change the date if the epidemiological conditions remain as they are today, that is, in orange.  

This last option to postpone it was proposed by him, in order not to affect the work that is already being done among those involved, that is designers of floats, businessmen, and organizers.  

“This is one possibility, that it be postponed, because the other is to suspend and the other is to do it, within this, we are solving, I do not know if the businessmen, the people, are better off suspending it than postponing it, maybe there , there is a mediation that allows us to solve the issue”, he declared.  

The governor said that this decision to wait until Friday comes after a request from Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, but also, although his opinion will be taken into account, the secretaries of both the Interior and Health will have to analyze and argue whether the health conditions allow, because health comes before anything else.  

“I sent a proposal to the ‘Chemist’, I want to have considerations, this is not a political issue but it is not without politics, it is a health issue and I sent him to say if we could do what Brazil did, with the postponement of the Carnival, for effect let them know, it seems to me a sensible way out but we are going to wait for Friday”, he commented.  

According to the Ministry of Health at the federal level, the orange traffic light for Sinaloa will change until February 20, just 4 days before the Carnival begins, which is stipulated for this year from February 24 to March 1.  

The state authorities in their Covid report reported that 146 new cases were registered this Sunday, of which 105 are from Culiacán, 20 in Mazatlán, 16 in Ahome, 2 in Guasave and only 1 in Navolato as in Salvador Alvarado.  

There are 3,896 active cases in the state, of which 2,136 are concentrated in Culiacán; 411 in Mazatlan; 408 in Ahome; 272 in Guasave; 216 in Navolato; 147 in El Fuerte and the rest of the municipalities report active cases below 100.  


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